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2 Boxes of Disinfection cotton sheet independent packaging (200 pieces) Alcohol Pads Wipes Antiseptic Cleanser Wipe H5

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2 Boxes of Disinfection Alcohol Swabs Pads Wipes Antiseptic Cleanser Wipes


Product Details:

Special design: 5 x 5 cm outer packaging, 6 x 3 cm inner core.


Quality assurance: After wiping and disinfecting with this product, it will completely evaporate in about 30 seconds without residue.
Single pieces are packed separately, and the wound and wound can be disinfected by simply tearing the package apart. instrument.
General use: Except for cleaning and disinfecting keyboards, mobile phones, office supplies, personal belongings, tableware, children's toys, etc .;
Before use, disinfect frequently touched items, toilet seat, etc .; outdoor travel, camping emergency wound disinfection and ignition support.
Sterile: Each preparation pad is individually packaged and sealed to maintain sterility.
This packaging material is air tight and prevents leakage and drying to keep the pads moist and ready to use.
The package contains: 2 boxes of disinfection wipes (one box of 100 tablets)